Keeping Things Light

Any lighting designer knows that light can affect your mood and your body. Looks like science and technology are catching up to this trick of the trade in a discreet but fun way!

Here in New England, Seasonal Affective Disorder can come on pretty suddenly (especially after winters such as this!). Doctors have prescribed light boxes for years to help combat the symptoms. One company has shrunk down this technology to fit in our ears. That’s right – light shone in your ears can combat SAD and raise your energy levels. Valkee’s Earlight looks just like headphone earbuds, so you can help your SAD symptoms discreetly and on the go. (It claims it will also help with your jetlag!)

It reminds AvLt of how we can focus small but bright spots of light to raise the energy level of a particular part of an exhibit. Nice to see light harnessed in such a practically useful way!