Movement and light

What do you get when you combine lighting design, transportation, and photography? A pretty awesome picture:


The Budapest Transport Company covered their trams with 30,000 LED lights, and photographer Krisztian Birinyi kept the exposure open as he photographed the trams in movement. The result is stunning, and shows that lighting isn’t static. We may not always be conscious of the effect of moving light, but we do see it. It’s one of the ways we at AvLt are able to create an effect to highlight certain areas of a design.


Another illustration of the power of moving light, one we can’t help but truly see, is this music video by Opale. The effects on the model’s face are amazing to see. We personally love that you can see the rotating lights reflected in her eyes. Single colors show dramatic changes – double colors, less dramatic changes – and double lights of single colors, even fewer changes. When designing a lighting scheme for a space, there are multiple lighting source points we consider. How can we make this particular section pop out when we’re also lighting to the left and there’s a window to the right? These are the challenges that make lighting design so much fun!