The Internet of….Light Bulbs

Party at your house?

Or do you need help waking up?

Philips Hue is at your service! These lightbulbs connect to remote controlling stations (either their Tap switch or an app), meaning you can control them similarly to, though with more limitations than, professional programmable lighting. You can change colors, create programs like the Disco above, or set timers so the lights slowly dim upwards to wake you up.

There are a few benefits of this — waking up to light can be more gentle yet effective, changing color temperatures can help combat the more dangerous effects of light, and we won’t dispute the outright fun of being able to play with your lighting (we’re in the industry after all!!). A few companies are getting into this game.

However, these bulbs are quite expensive ($28-60/bulb, plus $60 for the switch). An alternative to the smartbulb is Emberlight, a connector that turns any bulb into a smartbulb (“working with what you already have”). It’s cheaper, but unless you buy a multi-colored bulb, you can’t disco with it. These bulbs are all slowly going down in price, but do you think the average consumer really has a need? How would you use your smartbulb?