BOSTON, 1 AUGUST 2018 — Available Light is growing! Matt Zelkowitz, LC, Assoc. IALD, has been named Managing Principal of the Boston Studio. Sarah Gusky Kemerhas been promoted to Marketing Associate. Lighting Designer Dylan Bomgardnerhas joined our SEATS (Special Events and Trade Shows) Division and Meg Arbohas joined our admin team as Project Accountant.

Matt Zelkowitz’s seventeen years at Available Light have been filled with one-of-a-kind design solutions, relationship building, mentorship, and stellar projects. His leadership in the Boston office has been crucial to our long-standing partnerships with many valued clients. Matt’s award-winning projects include: the Susan Naylor Center at the Witte Museum in San Antonio TX; the new Trip Advisor Headquarters in Needham MA; and the new, upcoming International Spy Museum in Washington DC. “Matt’s design vision and strategic commitment to the future of our firm has led to the continued success and growth of Available Light,” says President & Creative Director Steven Rosen, “Under his tutelage, many of our designers have become associates and senior associates within the firm. He is perpetually looking at the future of the lighting design industry, and we are delighted to have him managing the Boston office.”

Sarah Gusky Kemer has been with Available Light for four years as Marketing Coordinator – creating and editing proposal qualification materials, writing press releases, submitting award entries, and managing marketing materials. From day one she has innovated and improved our public-facing communications and proposal writing activity. “Sarah has become a critical part of our operation,” reports Rosen, “Her personal mission is not only to make our team the best it can be but also to be sure the world knows who we are and why they should know us.”  Sarah has been elevated to Marketing Associate: managing the proposal response process from preparation to final delivery, tracking business activity metrics, and helping to celebrate the success that is Available Light.

Dylan Bomgardner first came to Available Light as an intern and has returned as a Designer in our SEATS division. A 2018 recipient of an MFA in Lighting Design from Virginia Tech, Dylan’s main focus is supporting our tradeshow exhibit and special events activity. He approaches every project with a look tailored to each client’s particular needs. “The addition of Dylan to our team is a key component to our strategy of growth while maintaining quality,” says Bill Kadra, Managing Principal of the SEATS division, “His skills have allowed him to dive right into both the design and production work. It is a pleasure to have him here and I am excited to see Dylan develop and flourish in the company!”

Meg Arbo has come to Available Light as Project Accountant to help make the back-of-house operation as robust as the public work we produce. From generating invoices to organizing analytic financial reporting, Meg’s eye is on Available Light’s success. Managing Director, Doug Gustafson says, “We are so grateful to have Meg here at Available Light. Her experience, skill set, and attention to detail keep us all on our toes and running like a well-oiled machine.”

“I’m grateful for the talented Available Light staff,” added Mr. Rosen, “Keeping up with our growth takes true teamwork, from our project support folks to the designers to the principals. We’re excited to have this team helping advance the mission of the company!”


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BOSTON 16 November 2017 – Available Light is proud to announce that Doug Gustafson will join our team as Managing Director of Available Light. Doug joins us from the International Association of Lighting Designers, headquartered in Chicago where, for the last five years, he has served as Director of Finance + Administration.

“I could not be more excited to join the team at Available Light as their current Managing Director, Rick Chamberlain, steps into retirement,” reports Doug, “My time at IALD was truly rewarding and I send thanks to my fellow staff members for all we accomplished together. I could not be prouder to have contributed to the explosive growth of the Association and to the continued development of the independent lighting design profession as a whole. I have made many friends throughout the lighting industry and am thrilled to know those relationships will continue in my new role at Available Light.”


After receiving his degree in Accountancy from DePaul University, Doug spent many years as a Public Accountant serving a variety of businesses and individuals, including the IALD. In 2013, with a desire to increase his roles and responsibilities, Doug joined the IALD as a fulltime staff member. At the IALD and IALD Education Trust, Doug was responsible for all financial activities, from financial statement preparation/analysis to budgeting. He was the liaison with auditors, finance committees, and investment advisors. His role also included HR activities including policies and procedures, payroll and benefits, and administering to membership staff.


Steven Rosen, FIALD, President & Creative Director of Available Light says, “Rick has brilliantly captained our ship as our Managing Director for the past 15 years. It was with great trepidation that we began our search for a new manager who could fill his shoes and help to deliver continued success while celebrating a new generation of designers. Over the years, through my involvement in the IALD, Doug and I have developed a wonderful relationship based on mutual respect & admiration. We always found ourselves agreeing on next steps and strategic direction. When he applied for the job at Available Light I almost fell out of my chair! Now, rather than worrying about maintaining the status quo, I am electrified by the prospects of success and growth under Doug’s wise and watchful eye.”

History for All — The Museum of the American Revolution Opens in Philadelphia



24 August 2017, NEW YORK NY – Available Light is proud to have been part of the creative team for the newly opened Museum of the American Revolution (MOAR) in Philadelphia PA.

The Museum’s 16,000 square feet is home to hundreds of chronologically arranged artifacts exposing visitors to the entirety of the history of the Revolution. All displayed dioramas and environments are based on real people and events pulled from decades of research on the cultural and social implications of the War. Artifacts include correspondence from George Washington’s library, the newspaper printing of the Declaration of Independence, continental currency, and George Washington’s silver camp cups. Not merely a celebration of the work of the Founding Fathers, the Museum’s collection includes stories from the Oneida nation, enslaved Africans, and others not typically discussed in the history books. A full gallery of Oneida nation figures tells their history of the Revolution with a multi-media video, light, and sound show.


Throughout, Available Light’s lighting design demanded technical attention to detail and a keen sensitivity to issues of artifact conservation. To minimize light exposure, many exhibits incorporate motion sensors that activate lighting only when a visitor is present. Programmable LED fixtures, integrated into the cases, allow for dynamic object theaters. Large artifact cases employed DMX controls ensuring lighting levels were balanced between assorted artifacts with various conservation requirements. In a contemporary exhibit presentation, the artifacts are surrounded by full-walled graphics, multi-media presentations, and immersive environments. A full-size replica of the Liberty Tree is theatrically lit to place visitors in the spot where Revolutionary masterminds met and British tyrants were hung.


The highlight of the Museum is a light, media, and sound show focused around George Washington’s actual tent — dubbed the first oval office. This extremely fragile, 250-year-old

artifact required strict guardianship over light exposure. Extensive calculations were prepared computing total light level exposure over the course of the theatrical presentation proving that total light exposure did not exceed curator-mandated limits. A sophisticated show control system assures that lighting, media projection, audio, and automated moving screens & curtains all work in perfect sync to deliver a seamless production that delights all who visit the highly calibrated auditorium. Available Light programmed an intricate show where dramatic lighting represented the passage of both the seasons and times of day.

“MOAR has already become a signature Available Light work,” says Ted Mather, LC, IALD, Managing Principal of the New York Studio and MOAR Lead Designer, “It not only showcases our signature theatrical immersion exhibition lighting, but also our extensive technical abilities. The team collaborators worked carefully and methodically to create a lighting environment throughout that both respects the collection and dazzles visitors.”


About Available Light

Available Light is an innovative, award-winning Lighting Design firm specializing in the fields of Museum Exhibition, Architecture, and Tradeshows & Special Events. Our comprehensive services address the full design process from master-planning to specification to final lighting tune-up. Delivering sustainable solutions for compelling, high-performance environments is central to our mission.



BOSTON and NEW YORK, 26 July 2017 – Available Light is proud to announce the promotion of Jessica Krometis and John Delfino to Associates of the firm, along with the hiring of two new Designers: Alex Fabozzi and Hess Smith. Jessica and Hess work out of the Boston studio while John and Alex are located in the NYC studio.

“I could not be more delighted to see Jessica and John step up and take on more responsibility at Available Light, while adding Alex and Hess to support our burgeoning project load,” says Steven Rosen, FIALD, President & Creative Director, “It is very satisfying to be part of a team that is home grown.”

Jessica Krometis, Jr. Assoc. IALD, first joined the studio as an intern, returning as a Designer after receiving an MFA in Stage Design from Northwestern University where she worked on projects such as Aimée and Jaguar, The Wild Party, and Danceworks. Jessica was also honored with a coveted USITT student exhibitor presenter slot at the 2015 Prague Quadrennial. In her two years at Available Light, she has worked on a number projects including the Glass Flowers Exhibit  at the Harvard Museums, B3 Restaurant in Boston, the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown, and the Witte Museum’s new Susan Naylor Center in San Antonio.


Before joining the firm in 2015, John Delfino, Jr. Assoc. IALD, completed his MFA in Lighting Design from CalArtswhere he studied under famed lighting designer Anne Militello and worked under that tutelage of Lisa Pasamonte of Visual Terrain. His diverse lighting design background ranges from theatrical productions to themed entertainment, and from museums to architecture. He is committed to supporting the “story” with light, which has been evident in such Available Light work as the National WWII Museum, the Grammy Museum Mississippi, and the new Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia.


Coming from New York City, Hess Smith joins the Boston studio after four years at The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey followed by working freelance in the New York City market. Hess graduated with a BFA in Theatre Design from the University of Arizona and his work was also seen at the Arizona Repertory Theatre and the University of Arizona Opera Theatre. At the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, Hess worked on shows such as Love’s Labours Lost, Something Wicked This Way Comes, and Measure for Measure. More recently he assisted famed theatrical lighting designer Jim Ingalls on a number of domestic and international projects.




New York native Alex Fabozzi received his MFA in Lighting Design from NYU in 2014. In the succeeding years he has served as lighting supervisor for Dance Theatre of Harlem—touring across the US as well as internationally—as well as designing for a variety of New York theater companies including La Mama, Apollo Theater, Center Stage, and 57th Street Theatre. He has also assisted a number of renowned designers including Robert Wiezel, Clifton Taylor, John McKernon and Jan Versweyveld.




19 April 2017, BOSTON and NEW YORK – Rachel Gibney, LC, Assoc. IALD, Senior Associate at Available Light, is being honored as one of Lighting Magazine’s 40 best lighting designers under 40.


From Lighting Magazine:

“A new generation of lighting design talent is emerging. It’s more driven, diverse, collaborative, curious, global, tech-savvy, and passionate than ever. And it’s questioning how things are done. To recognize and celebrate this cohort, 40 young lighting designers are selected as representatives of this new generation and ambassadors for their industry. All are outstanding young people with much to contribute.”


Rachel, a native Arizonian, first arrived at Available Light as a Designer in 2013. Since joining the studio, she has been promoted twice, most recently to Senior Associate. Rachel has contributed to award-winning projects such as the National Archives Rotunda Renovation, the Museum of the American Revolution, the National Postal Museum, and new Science Research Centers for both Amherst College and Skidmore.


In 2011 Rachel received her degree in Theatrical Lighting Design from the University of Arizona; while there, she got her first taste of professional lighting design by freelancing for Arizona Classical Theatre, Arizona Reparatory Theatre, and Arizona Opera Theatre. From the Southwest she migrated across the country to the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, where she served as a Lighting Designer and Lighting Supervisor for three seasons. Rachel is both NCQLP certified and an active member of the IALD.


“We couldn’t be more proud of Rachel and her accomplishments. She demonstrates a continued desire to learn and grow, and dedicates herself to not only bringing out the best of each design project but she is also committed to constantly improving our work process,” says Steven Rosen, FIALD, Available Light’s President & Creative Director, “It’s fabulous to see her talent and hard work recognized internationally!”


About Available Light

Available Light is an innovative, award-winning Lighting Design firm specializing in the fields of Museum Exhibition, Architecture, and Tradeshows & Special Events. Our comprehensive services address the full design process from master-planning to specification to final lighting tune-up. Delivering sustainable solutions for compelling, high-performance environments is central to our mission.


BOSTON, 27 MARCH 2017 – In mid-March, 50 lighting industry professionals pulled on their boots and rode their horses over mounds of plowed snow to Boston to see the first ever Ellipsoidal Leko Shootout produced by USITT and hosted by High Output. Seven companies brought a total of 21 fixtures each hoping to best their competitors. High Output was happy to show off their new satellite shop and sound stage in Boston.

The event was brain-child of Steven Rosen FIALD, President & Creative Director at Available Light, Dan Jentzen, Director of Education at High Output, and Anthony Phelps, Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts at UMass Boston and USITT representative. Spanning a wide spectrum of lighting professionals, the event was attended by Architectural lighting designers, Theatre LDs, Film/TV lighting directors, university educators & students, sales reps and manufacturers. Event assistance was provided by Brighter Boston, an organization dedicated to providing urban teenagers with professional internships in technical theater.  “Dan, Anthony and I are dedicated to serving lighting design education,” said Mr. Rosen, “because of this, we wanted the event to be a unifying experience, not a competitive one. There was no ‘winner’. We all walked away knowing more about each fixture than we would in the vacuum of a sales pitch.”


“We know that LED lighting is significantly more efficacious than legacy halogen sources, but from color quality to dimming to mechanics, we wanted to demystify the performance and attributes of LED-driven ellipsoidal spotlights,” Rosen continued. Fixtures were separated into three groups: Tungsten, which were designed to look the most like halogen lamps; Daylight with tune-able white; and Color-changing. Shown one-by-one, the basics from each fixtures’ cut sheet was announced before demonstrating each feature. “We started each lamp at what the manufacturer considered ‘white,’ reminding us all how dramatically different white light can really be. From there, we went through shutter/gobo quality, beam quality, center beam intensity, color temperature, CCI, dUV, and CRI,” said Mr. Jentzen.

“This shootout gave us the opportunity not only to compare fixtures to one another but also to understand real time performance vs. published data,” added Mr. Phelps. Manufacturers and sales reps were more than happy to participate. “It not only gave them the opportunity to show their fixtures to 50 diverse lighting designers in one shot, it also gave them the chance to see where their fixtures stacked up against the competition,” said Jessica Krometis, IALD New England Chapter Coordinator and Available Light designer, “We hope to see more events like this that attract a wide-ranging group of lighting professionals. The conversations were, well, illuminating!”



The United States Institute for Theatre Technology, Inc. (USITT) connects performing arts design and technology communities to ensure a vibrant dialog among practitioners, educators, and students.


About High Output

High Output, Inc. is a premier supplier of production services and equipment for film, television, theatre, and events, with offices in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, Georgia, and South Carolina. Founded in 1986 with an emphasis on state-of-the-art technology and superior customer service, High Output supports feature film, television, theatre, live music, political events, corporate meetings, fundraisers, parties, and much more. The firm also designs and installs technologically advanced permanent lighting, AV, and rigging systems in venues of all kinds, and operates five sound stages for film and television production. For more information, please visit

Media Contact:

Alexa Hirsch

High Output, Inc.

(781) 364-1846

About Available Light

Available Light is an innovative, award-winning Lighting Design firm specializing in the fields of Museum Exhibition, Architecture and Corporate Theater. Our comprehensive services address the full design process from master-planning to specification to final lighting tune-up. Delivering sustainable solutions for compelling, high performance environments is central to our mission.



NEW YORK and RALEIGH, 27 February 2017 – Available Light is excited to announce the promotion of two staff members: Derek Barnwell, Assoc. IALD from the Raleigh studio to Principal and Rachel Gibney, Assoc. IALD, LC from the NYC studio to Senior Associate.

It’s been two years since Derek returned to his Raleigh roots, and in that time, he’s become an integral part of the Triangle design community. His workload is both local, including a major renovation to the library at Wake Forest University, and national, such as the National Museum of the U.S. Army outside Washington DC. As a Principal, Derek, a 12-year veteran at the company, will not only continue to foster client relationships and manage projects; he will more formally participate in setting the direction of Available Light as it enters its second 25 years of serving our clients.

“I’m extremely thrilled to report that Derek’s transition to North Carolina has been a great move for the company, and that is due to Derek’s dedication, hard work, commitment to the local design & construction industry, and sense of humor,” says Steven Rosen, FIALD, Available Light’s President & Creative Director, “We look forward to growing the company below the Mason-Dixon line!”

Rachel, a native Arizonian, first arrived at Available Light as a Designer in 2013. Since joining the studio, she has
contributed to the award-winning National Archives Rotunda Renovation, The Museum of the American Revolution, and
new Science Research Centers at both Skidmore College and Amherst College.

“I first met Rachel at the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey. I was immediately impressed with her rare ability to filter through complex project requirements and, in an instant, cut through the clutter to unleash key design criteria,” says Steven, “In her tenure at Available Light, Rachel has dedicated herself to lighting the world better and smarter. We are very happy to see her continued success at the company.”


About Available Light

Available Light is an innovative, award-winning Lighting Design firm specializing in the fields of Museum Exhibition, Architecture and Corporate Theater. Our comprehensive services address the full design process from master-planning to specification to final lighting tune-up. Delivering sustainable solutions for compelling, high performance environments is central to our mission.

Po-Yang Sung Joins Available Light


5 December 2016, BOSTON MA – AVAILABLE LIGHT is proud to announce the expansion of its Boston studio with the hiring of Po-Yang Sung. Po-Yang is a Taiwanese native fresh from The University of Texas at Austin, where he received his MFA in Lighting Design. In school, he lit a variety of performance styles ranging from drama to dance to musical comedy. Prior to joining Available Light, Po-Yang served as Resident Lighting Designer at Michigan’s Thunder Bay Theatre Company. Po-Yang’s thoughtful approach encompasses inspiration from the diversity of both nature and culture; in fact, his graduate thesis—lighting design for an international airport terminal titled “Wing It”—developed from his desire to apply his theatrical background aesthetic and his curiosity about the world to the design of an iconic architectural space.

Available Light,            Po-Yang Sung, November 1, 2016

Available Light, Po-Yang Sung, November 1, 2016

“The addition of Po-Yang supports our practice of infusing theatrical lighting techniques within architecture, museum exhibition, and tradeshow environments. We are excited to have him in our field and in our studio and we look forward to what Po-Yang has to teach us,” says Steven Rosen, FIALD, President and Creative Director of Available Light.



Available Light is an innovative, award-winning Lighting Design firm specializing in the fields of Museum Exhibition, Architecture and Tradeshows & Special Events. Our comprehensive services address the entire process from master planning to specification to final lighting tune-up. Delivering creative, technically adept and sustainable solutions for high performance environments is central to our mission.


Available Light Completes Grammy Museum


Available Light recently completed both the Architectural and Exhibition lighting design for the new Grammy Museum in Cleveland, Mississippi – a satellite location for the Los Angeles original. It took five years, $20 million, and a dedicated, hardworking team but—as was witnessed at the March 2016 opening—the results were spectacular! Considered the birthplace of America’s music, and with more Grammy winners than any other state, Mississippi was the perfect satellite location. Owned and operated locally but curated by the original L.A.-based institution, Mississippi’s Grammy Museum boasts 28,000 square feet on the Delta State University campus. The building, designed by Dale Partners Architects, is a modern glass & steel structure starkly juxtaposed against a pastoral farmland backdrop.


The brief on the exterior lighting was a balancing act of exposing the striking building envelope for nighttime viewing while enticing visitors to peer through the transparent sections to a seductive interior lobby experience.  Lighting for all façade elements (I.D. Sign, large photo mural, corrugated steel panels, dramatic portal entry, etc.) were lit with carefully tuned and controlled LED luminaires. Inside, the Exhibits & Graphics program, designed by Gallagher & Associates, seamlessly integrates into the architectural space. The lobby features three super graphics, lit with a blend of subtly color-changing wash fixtures and framing projectors. The ceiling panel gaps provided the perfect location to tuck linear fixture downlights, providing ample light for the 28-foot-tall vertical space. The combination of ambient, color-changing, theatrical accent and daylight all converge to create a dynamic lobby expression.


Inside the exhibit galleries, patrons discover an immersive and dynamic environment embracing the many facets, personalities, and emotions of the richly complex music industry. Visitors to the museum experience a timeline of America’s music as it roared through Mississippi. Interactive exhibits allow visitors to record their own music, dance to famous songs, and explore various historical artifacts that include outrageous garments and well-loved instruments. Patrons become participants in the action, not merely passive witnesses. The wide-ranging color pallet and richly patterned light of an all LED lighting system evokes the theatrical feeling of musical performances. With the extensive use of interactive features and touch tables the Grammy Museum is considered one of the most highly technologically advanced museums in the south. A careful balancing act between lighting and media presentation ensures the technology is enjoyed in a space free from glare.  Artifacts are woven into the presentation throughout, requiring strict lighting conservation solutions including the elimination of all UV and IR radiation. Despite a modest budget, the lighting system was designed to be both simple to install and require minimal maintenance. Also crucial was providing flexibility to accommodate rotating exhibits.


The team of Available Light designers was led by Derek Barnwell on the architectural side and Ted Mather on the exhibit experience. Working with the same lighting design firm for both architecture and exhibits created continuity, unity, and open communication. The Grammy Museum was truly a joint effort, not only internally at Available Light, but with all of the project team members and owners.

Grammy Museum Mississippi, Cleveland MS, Dale Partners, Gallagher & Associates, 2016


Grammy Museum Mississippi, Cleveland MS, Dale Partners, Gallagher & Associates, 2016

Available Light Announces New Associate, Catherine Leskowat, Assoc. IALD, Assoc. IIDA, LC


For Immediate Release

BOSTON, 16 May 2016 – Available Light is delighted to announce the addition of Catherine Leskowat as an Associate of the firm. Catherine, who will be based in the Salem MA studio, joins the team from Atelier Ten, where she worked as a lighting designer focused on bringing sustainable solutions to schools, universities, hospitality spaces, and other projects. Notable work with Atelier Ten included the new Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown CT; Nuance Communications West Coast Headquarters, Mountain View CA; and the award-winning Jackson Laboratory in Farmington CT.

Catherine_Leskowat copy
Catherine’s background in Interior Design makes her keenly interested in both the physical environment’s impact on the health & well-being of users and the way people interact with the built environment. Her design interest focus on the integration of daylight and electric light to create robust, beautiful, and sustainable spaces.


“Catherine is an exceptional addition to Available Light,” says President & Creative Director Steven Rosen, FIALD, “Her energy, talent, thoughtfulness and considerable skill set adds so much to our team and we are delighted to count her among our wonderful team.”



Available Light is an innovative, award-winning Lighting Design firm specializing in the fields of Museum Exhibition, Architecture, and Trade Shows & Special Events. Our comprehensive services address the entire process from master planning to specification to final lighting commissioning. Delivering insightful, creative, technically adept and sustainable solutions for high performance environments is central to our mission.