Holly Jolly LEDs

‘Tis the season for electric companies! Lights indoors, outdoors, and covering trees and menorahs means big bucks for the electric companies. But with LEDs you can stick it to the man a little while keeping your holiday display bright and unique!

USA Today has a great overview of some of the newer LED products for the winter season. My favorite is Aura’s wireless bulbs. Their technology keeps the wires out of the equation, meaning you can light your entire tree (or even string them along a mantle in range of the ring etc) without worrying about tangles. Plus kids will get a kick out of the instantaneous reaction:

(from https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1034423012/aura-the-first-ever-wirelessly-powered-christmas-l)

It is a little tree-specific though. For more versatility, the light strings are the best. We’ve talked about Philips Hue’s lightstrips before, and OLED can do the same, but the Lumenplay string mentioned in the USA Today brings that art-deco old-timey feel to their bulbs. Classic for the holidays.

The BlissLight holographic set is for the big-players — I don’t know anyone who uses those yet. I’m definitely going to be on the lookout through the lit neighborhoods though! Post your pics if you see or use them, too, either to our Facebook or on the comments here!