Project Opening: College Football Hall of Fame

DSC02986 The College Football Hall of Fame is a brand new facility in downtown Atlanta dedicated to the explosive growth of college football. It features 28,000 square feet of highly interactive and engaging exhibits using a blend of historic footage, artifacts, and state of the art multimedia exhibits. Gallagher & Associates, Museum Design Associates, and Cortina Productions were all members of this great team.


Greeting visitors is a massive Helmet Wall, displaying 812 authentic team helmets. A sophisticated multimedia interactive station let’s visitors “log in” and illuminate their team’s helmet, which stays illuminated for the remainder of the day.



All exhibit lighting fixtures use LED or Metal Halide sources, resulting in extremely low energy consumption, very long life, low maintenance, and low heat.


Available Light designed all Exhibit Lighting, and Exhibit Lighting Control Systems.

Project Opening: Bicentennial Library at Princeton Theological Seminary


(photo by Robert Benson)

The Bicentennial Library at Princeton Theological Seminary was renovated as part of a celebratory $100 million campaign for the college’s bicentennial. With a 45,000 square foot renovation and 91,000 square foot addition, the space designed by EYP Architecture and Engineering encompasses research rooms, collection management, and collaborative areas for students to meet. The collection housed at the Library is rivaled only by the Vatican’s itself, and the front community space houses a rotating exhibit with various artifacts.



(photo by Robert Benson)

The lighting was customized for the purpose of each individual room, from archival needs to study needs. The exterior arcade, first floor reading rooms, and research reading rooms are the most decorative, with multiple layers of light to complement the needs of each room. Fixtures include LED strip lights and custom-made combination fluorescent and incandescent pendants. Controls included dimming mechanisms and photosensors to keep the space as sustainable as possible.


(photo by Robert Benson)


(photo by Robert Benson)