The Responsive Lightbulb

We’ve talked about programmable LEDs in the home before. Seems perfect in many ways, right? Reduced energy usage and cost, individualized programs so each room can be treated differently, and they can help keep your biology in check. Generally, you need a smartphone to program these, turn them on, etc.

But now some bigwigs are coming out with a completely responsive lightbulb. The Alba is a bulb with built in motion and light level sensors. That means once it’s programmed, you don’t need anything for it to turn on when you enter a room. Or to dim when the sunlight comes through the windows.


Even better, the bulb starts to learn your home-lighting patterns. Always go right to the kitchen after entering the home? Alba will light you a path. You won’t forget to turn off the lights because Alba will turn them off automatically once there isn’t any movement.

Oh and those bigwigs? Just a former Tesla CEO and some NASA dudes. NBD.