Build with Light!

Sometimes, you just can’t find a fixture to fit the space you need it to, or you want an odd-shaped fixture, or you want to be able to quickly change the brightness. Well, now there’s a solution — a magnetic modular lighting system!


The more pieces you add, the brighter it is. There is also a dimming option. The magnets mean you can build it in almost any shape!



What applications can you see for this technology? Would this have far-reaching uses or would it remain a niche novelty?

Rachel Gibney, LC, Jr. Assoc IALD, Promoted to Associate

For Immediate Release

BOSTON, 20 August 2015 – Available Light is excited to announce that Rachel Gibney of the New York City Studio has been promoted to Associate in the firm. Rachel, a native Arizonian, first arrived at Available Light as a Designer in 2013. Since joining the studio, she has contributed to award-winning projects such as the National Archives Rotunda Renovation, the FDR Presidential Library, the National Postal Museum, the Museum of Alabama’s Alabama Voices exhibit, and Science Research, Lab, & Teaching Facility complexes for both Amherst College and Skidmore.

In 2011 Rachel received her degree in Theatrical Lighting Design from the University of Arizona; while there, she got her first taste of professional lighting design by freelancing for Arizona Classical Theatre, Arizona Reparatory Theatre, and Arizona Opera Theatre. From the Southwest she migrated across the country to the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, where she served as a Lighting Designer and Lighting Supervisor for three seasons. Rachel is both NCQLP certified and an active member of the IALD.

“I first met Rachel at the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, I was immediately impressed with her rare ability to filter through complex project requirements and, in an instant, cut through the clutter to unleash key design criteria,” says Steven Rosen, IALD, Available Light’s Principal and Creative Director, “In her short tenure at Available Light, Rachel has dedicated herself to lighting the world better and smarter, we are very happy to see her succeed.”



About Available Light

Available Light is an innovative, award-winning Lighting Design firm specializing in the fields of Museum Exhibition, Architecture and Corporate Theater. Our comprehensive services address the full design process from master-planning to specification to final lighting tune-up. Delivering sustainable solutions for compelling, high performance environments is central to our mission.


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LED Lights Fight Against Malaria

We know about how lighting affects humans and animals, but what about insects? A study at USC found that insects are not attracted to certain types of light — though any light used still attracts some. Specifically, using an LED without any blue in the color temperature reduced insect attraction by about 20%, when compared to compact fluorescent and commercial LED. The light emitted from these custom LED bulbs was brighter and more intense, but still they saw a reduction in the insects attracted.

The implications in developing nations are huge! Malaria is the insect borne disease that is most prominent in our minds, but if users could change over to blue-less LED, many other insect borne diseases would be diminished too. This study is just one of many forthcoming about specific health affects of light, which are much more far-reaching and broad than originally anticipated.

You can find the full study here.