Designing for the Elderly

Every time you light a public area, you need to consider the largely varied populous passing through. It’s sometimes difficult to design a space appropriate for children, adults, and the elderly – each group requires different considerations. So we are always grateful when research institutes and vendors come out with new specifications that help us light spaces for mood AND safety. Lighting magazine in the UK is reporting that Thomas Pocklington Trust and Research Institute for Consumer Affairs are suggesting using lumen output rather than wattage to help those with sight loss navigate spaces more safely.

These same specifications can also help those suffering from dementia, as “poor lighting can give rise to anxiety” as they try to discern objects, paths, and navigate formerly well-known spaces.

We’ll be watching for more information on how to light spaces for all categories of our varied population!

Playing with the Dark

Metropolis Magazine wrote a piece on Linnaea Tillett‘s designs. They are pretty spectacular and we here at AvLt admire her work. Check out a few pictures:

(from Metropolis Magazine)

(from Metropolis Magazine)









In the article, Linnaea talks about using darkness in her designs. “seeing more is often a matter of less light,” she says, and “too much light hinders perception.” We run into this while designing museum exhibits, where displaying just the right amount of light to highlight certain areas is crucial. When we design, we design the dark as much as we design the light.

What experiences have you had when you’ve played with the dark in your designs?


Natural Lighting

Bioluminescence may soon be in your home! Bioglow is developing a plant that gives off a glow for two to three months. The founder’s vision, according to the kickstarter, is to place the technology on the streets as streetlamps.

(from Bioglow)

We love everything sustainable here at Available Light, and we know how hard it can be sometimes to ascetically incorporate sustainable lighting. It gets easier with every innovation, though, and we’re glad to see a whole new frontier rising. Imagine plants as accent lighting!