Artificial Skylights

We know the beneficial effects of light on our bodies. Ideally, we’d all be working outside in natural light, keeping our circadian rhythms in sync and our vitamin D levels high! But since that isn’t the case for most of us, research such as this is critical.

Ten years in the making, the artificial skylight takes the same natural transformation light takes as it goes through Earth’s atmosphere and applies it on a smaller, lab-created level. With just millimeters of material, the light recreates Rayleigh scattering, the process that makes our sky appear blue. And you can see, the skylights appear blue but there is no blue light involved!


The effect causes the same lighting we appreciate outside — the same color temperature, the same saturation, the same overall quality. The inventor, Professor Paolo Di Trappani, used rendering software and a virtual spectrophotometer to achieve these results. And what great results they are! You can almost feel the warmth.



One thought on “Artificial Skylights

  1. These lights look so real! I love skylights so I would definitely put on of these in my house. I’d be tempted to have one in every room honestly. Thanks so much for sharing.

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